True Benefits

Measure the performance.
Now you can mesure how time is managed in your company.
Get powerful reports in seconds with the most relevant information.
Thanks to True, your company can mesure not only the result, also you can measure the activities performed to reach it.
Optimize resources.
The directors will be able to ensure that its departments are handled with appropriate staff and budget optimized for human capital and information resources.
Prevent wasted time.
Managers will have the tools to prevent the employees wasted time and the tasks may be performed in time.
Continous improvement.
you can analize which activities and processes take longer and you cand find better tools to acomplish them.
Home Office controlled.
You can maintain control and audit staff that isn´t on the office or Home Office.
A good workload.
You will have to timely information to distribute the workload equitably.
Better management of services and licenses SAS.
Optimize updating and acquiring licenses knowing how and where they are used.